About Robert G. McLean, Jr., Superintendent

Bob continues to look for ways to learn both on the course and in the classroom. He earned his Master Gardener certification through University of Kentucky Agricultural Extension and holds certification from Rutgers Cook College of Continuing Professional Education Professional Golf Turf Management Course. He is currently working toward his Golf Course Superintendent’s Association of America (GCSAA) Certification. He is a member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, Middle Tennessee Golf Course Superintendents, and the Kentucky Turf Council.

Bob McLean takes a preventative approach to keeping his course moving in a “true green” direction. Along with Michael Reynolds and Jason Hopkins, McLean and his crew utilize an integrated pest management program. Both a science and an art, Bob combines his long-time experience in caring for the course at Indian Hills with his current knowledge of turf grass management.

From fairways to greens and everything in between, Bob and his team are keeping it green! In 2012, Bob and the crew introduced a new hybrid grass, called T-1, to the greens. This dark green grass stands up to Bowling Green’s summer heat and is expected to perform as well or better than the current G-2 grasses. Using other types of warm season grasses, including the Midiron Bermudagrass on the fairways and Zoysia within the tee boxes (plus the right amount of irrigation) ensures a green and vibrant course every round throughout the spring and summer season.